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Leo District 306 A2 is one of the leading Leo Districts in Sri Lanka. It is sponsored by the Lions Clubs International, District 306 A2 and presently 25 Leo clubs are actively serving the community with the contribution of more than 950 Leos under the guidance of multi-talented executive officers. Activities conducted by Leo District 306 A2 include Childcare, Eldercare, Sports, Environmental, Healthcare, Leadership Development Projects and many more.

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Leo Multiple District 306, Sri Lanka is divided into 6 administrative districts namely Leo District 306 A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

Under each district, are the Leo Clubs that carry out their services to the communities in need.

We, Leo District 306 A2 is one of the most active districts in the world, where over 1,000 projects are conducted annually with a beneficiary count of over 100,000 individuals.









Leo Clubs in Leo District 306 A2

Leo District 306 A2 is divided into 3 regions and 6 zones for the ease of Leo Club administration purposes.

District President's Five-Point Program

Made in Sri Lanka

To promote young innovators of Sri Lanka

Togetherness As One Family

To highlight the importance of being united as one family

Dream Big

To inspire youngsters to set the goals and targets high for greater results

Strong Basics

To always be knowledgeable about the fundamentals and basics which are the key requirements of success

Sustainable Movement

To be focused and responsible in creating long-term positive impacts on society

Leo District 306 A2

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Leo District 306 A2

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